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ANCAN / Wild Wood Sling / 2 colors

ANCAN / Wild Wood Sling / 2 colors

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Unexpectedly, it fits into any outfit and you can use it all year round.
I feel the indescribable color and design, and the warmth of the creator from somewhere.
The more you use it, the more you will become attached to it.

People, places and traditions.
Abaca tells a long-standing story with modern aesthetics.
Carefully and carefully designed and selected handmade items and the purpose for which they were created.
I believe there is a story to tell everywhere and something that can contribute to any culture.
Abaca supports the community and also aims to protect traditional crafts.
A portion of Abaca's proceeds will be donated to the "Right Start Foundation," a non-profit, non-governmental organization for underprivileged Filipino children.

Material : Wood Beads / Nylon Cord
Color : Oat / Chestnut
Size : 20×20cm / shoulder straps 45cm

【Please check before you buy】
・ As all products are handmade, the colors and sizes may differ slightly.Thank you for your understanding and understanding in advance that there are variations in the products and that all are handmade products.

People, places & tradition.
Telling age-old stories with a modern aesthetic.
Carefully designed and selected handmade items
and found objects.
We believe every place has a story to tell, every culture something to offer.

We aim to support communities and preserve traditional craft.
A portion of all proceeds goes to Right Start Foundation, a non-profit, non-government organisation for underprivileged Filipino children.

Manila, Philippines.

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