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Kinetic Levi × SOROR / DIY Mobile Kit

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ステイホームでも「親子で楽しい時間を!」と、Kinetic Leviさんに、モビールのDIYキットを製作していただきました。
Kinetic Leviの溢れだすセンスから生まれたオリジナルDIYキット。

ロシア、モスクワ在住のアーティスト、LiyaとZhenyaが生み出す美しい Handmade Mobile
Kinetic Levi、私達は自らが生み出したアートで人々の心を穏やかにしたい、そんな想いを込めてモビールを製作しています。


Set content : ベニヤ板アーク×4、10種のベニヤ板パーツ、コットンロープ、フック、説明書
Material : plywood 


We are Kinetic Levi, family, creating interior mobiles.
Our main idea is to make art pieces that help people to keep calm watching them. 
That is our slogan – keep calm and watch the mobile, we attach this note to each of our product.

Modern life makes us to hurry up all the time, to do more and faster not to have a rest, not to stop to see life and beauty around us.

We believe our mobiles help people to stop for a moment and just watch. Our kinetic sculptures move as an air, they are always calm and slow.
It makes to think about true value and beauty of life.

We use natural materials for our mobiles, mostly different types of wood.All our mobiles supposed to be both - for kids room or just fit to any space.


Even at 'STAY HOME', “Have a fun and good time with parents and children!”
Kinetic Levi made a mobile DIY kit with us.

10 different figures that are full of creativity and excite your child packed in one kit.
Why don't you try to make only one original mobile in the world while sharing ideas with parents and children ?

You can paint it, change the length, and and of course you can assemble the layout and design as you like. 
It's also a good idea to try something else with the unused figures!

An original DIY kit born from the overflowing sense of Kinetic Levi.
There is no doubt that it will stimulate children's creativity.
This original kit set is only available at our shop.

Contents : 4plywood , 10 different plywood figures , cotton rope , hook
Material : plywood 

*Mobile is an artwork and is great for children, but it is not a toy. Please hang your mobile out of the reach of children.
There is no need to pull the mobile. The air will do all the job!
*You do not need special care products for our mobiles.
Easy wet cleaning is all that would save them from dust.