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Glass straw / short

Glass straw / short

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German-born glass straw, Pacific straw.
Pacific Stroh is a new company launched by three Germans. Not only is it an alternative straw to plastic, but it is also an epoch-making glass straw that can be reborn as a recycled glass bottle even after use.
Borosilicate glass (Pyrex glass, etc.) used in many glass straws has the advantage of being hard to break, but has the disadvantage of not being able to be recycled as general glass and being discarded.
Pacific Draw's glass straw is a recyclable glass straw that uses a raw material developed by a world-famous glass brand called AR glass, and has the same strength as borosilicate glass, but is difficult with borosilicate glass.
With the motto of zero-waste straws, we would like as many people as possible to use the glass straws of Pacific Draw!This is what we sincerely hope for now.

Material : Soda-lime glass
Size : 15cm 
Content : 4 Glass straws with brush

Recyclable German-born glass straws
・ Dishwasher can be used
・ Can be used permanently
・ Clear and hygienic
・Boil sterilization is possible
・ Fashionable package ideal for ecological gifts

Why Pacific Straws?
By using high quality glass called ARGlass, it is a glass straw that can be used semi-permanently and is very friendly to the global environment.
Pacific Straws straws are manufactured by using raw materials with a lower melting point, considering the process of recycling after use.
Pyrex, which is often used for glass straws, has the weakness that it is difficult to recycle after use.

It is a strong product due to the cooling process after firing work exceeding 600 degrees.

Used by famous European hotel chains.

Made in Germany
It is a high quality product using the raw materials of Schott, a world-famous glass maker.
Also, while many glass straws are produced in China, it is one of the few companies that produces all processes in Germany.

It is the only alternative straw that does not change the taste.
The tip of the straw is rounded, and the part that hits the mouth is also safely treated.

[Washing method]
・ Wash with a straw brush, rinse with water, and dry well.
・ You can also use the dishwasher.
・ Hot water disinfection is also possible.

[Precautions for storage]
-Due to the characteristics of the material, it may be damaged if a strong impact is applied.
・ Do not use while chewing a straw.

【Please check before you buy】
・ Be careful when handling as it may crack if a strong impact is applied.

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