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Maison Bengal / Cane handle bag / Black & Natural

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Maison Bengal は、ディレクターのSheenagh Dayがバングラデシュのダッカでの生活から戻った後、2004年に設立されました。
援助業界で何年も働いた後、Sheenagh はバングラデシュの最も貧しい地域で出会ったはた織りとかご作りの伝統的な職人技に感銘を受け、彼女はイギリスへ帰国した後フェアトレード会社を設立することを決めました。Maison Bengal は、ジュートやホグラ(地元の海草)などのこだわった地元産の天然素材のみを使用して、地元のフェアトレードパートナー組織との緊密な協力と共に、デザインのアイデアを開発し販売しています。
またMaison Bengal は現在、バングラデシュ全体で2,000人以上の女性と協力しており、彼らは楽しんで仕事をする事ができ、尚且つ家族の面倒を見たり、経済的な支援もできるようになりました。

Material : Rattan(ラタン / 藤) / Jute(ジュート)
Size : Length 40cm / Width(広い部分) 40cm 
Color : Black / Natural
Made in Bangladesh



Maison Bengal Ltd was set up in 2004 after its Director Sheenagh Day returned from living in Dhaka in Bangladesh.

After a number of years spent working in the aid industry, Sheenagh was constantly impressed by the traditional artisanal skills of weaving and basket making she came across in the poorest areas of Bangladesh.

In a direct response, she decided to create a fair trade company on her return to the UK, thereby providing a market for some of these very marginalised communities. Using only locally grown natural materials such as jute and hogla (local sea-grass) she started to develop design ideas and over a period of time, with close collaboration from her local fair trade partner organisations, Maison Bengal now has a comprehensive range of products for sale.

The brand has a loyal following and an established retail clientele worldwide.
The products are made with love and are joyful as well as practical and durable.
Maison Bengal is delighted to welcome you to its new online shop.

Maison Bengal now works with over two thousand women throughout Bangladesh, happily able to work in their home environment enabling them to care for as well as financially support their families.
Here are some of the human stories we are proud of. We thank all our customers for helping to make them happen.

Sheenagh / Maison Bengal